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ReVIVE Vaginal Rejuvenation

Due to childbirth, trauma, aging, genetics or congenital disease, the labial area may become lax and loose. The implications of such conditions may range from discomfort via intimate contact, chronic rubbing and pulling sensation up to vulvar irritation and labial pain.

Patients suffering from stretched, loose and lax vulval tissue experience a loss of strength and tone in the skin, as well as the surrounding muscles. Whether a medical or cosmetic condition, these patients are increasingly turning to non-invasive labial correction solutions.
ReVive is Viora’s answer to vulval tissue conditions, offering the most advanced solution in the non-invasive treatment market.  Surgeries are out and “lunch break” treatments are in! Treating these conditions with a non-invasive labial correction technique is the answer.
With Viora’s ReVive™ treatment, we offer a safe solution that assists in labial correction, regaining a more youthful appearance and firmer sensation!

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